Episode 46: War Games

November 16, 2017

Jesse and Mark talk about military themed toys, GI Joe, and how a strong story line can make up for a lack of friends


Episode 45: The Beach

November 9, 2017

With Mark absent (yet again) Jesse is joined by Nick Hopping (@NHopping95) to discuss the beach, jellyfish, and the awfulness of sun screen


Episode 44: Halloween

November 1, 2017

Jesse is joined by his family to recap their Halloween experience, discuss costumes from years past, and question why more people don't give out the gobstopper


Episode 43: 80’s Camp Horror Movies

October 25, 2017

Jesse and Mark discuss campy horror movies, what makes them so fun, and the risk/reward of a machete-wielding psycho killing a kid in a wheelchair


Episode 42: Kid’s Books

October 19, 2017

Jesse is joined by his brother, Matt, and his mom, Dee, to discuss kid's books, favorite kids books, and why his mom hated The Berenstain (Berenstein?) Bears


Episode 41: Mark’s Grab Bag

October 11, 2017

Jesse is out this week, so Mark is joined by Joel Richardson (@SJPComedy), Chris Dolan (@CMDolan99), and Mike Pridgen (@MikeAP93) to discuss a plethora of topics live from Prism Brewing Company (@Prismbeerco)


Episode 40: Dance Songs

October 4, 2017

Jesse and Mark discuss dance songs, what makes a dance song, and whether it's called "Cuban Shuffle", "Cupid Shuffle" or "Who Gives a Crap?"


Eposde 39: Book Reports

September 27, 2017

Jesse and Mark discuss book reports, why they hated book reports, and how Mark is, somehow, still an idiot savant when it comes to bullshitting about high school English


Episode 38: Cereal

September 23, 2017

Jesse and Mark are joined by Chip Chantry (@ChipChantry) to discuss cereal, their favorite cereals, and how important the package is to cereal


Episode 37: John Hughes Movies

September 13, 2017

Jesse and Mark are joined by Chris Coccia (@ChrisCoccia), Chip Chantry (@ChipChantry), and Jared Bilski (@JaredBilski) to discuss John Hughes movies, why they're so good, and the correct pronunciation of Jared's last name