Episode 60: Jobs

February 22, 2018

Jesse and Mark discuss their first jobs, their worst jobs, and the things that happen when you panic at work


Episode 59: Summer Camp

February 15, 2018

Jesse and Mark talk summer camp, the movie Groundhog Day, and how to change places in a boat all sexy like


Episode 58: Valentine’s Day

February 8, 2018

Jesse and Mark discuss Valentine's Day, the best Valentine's candy, and the criminally underreported need for platonic valentines


Episode 57: Fruit Snacks/Hair Cuts

February 1, 2018

Jesse and Mark discuss the magic of fruit snacks, hair cuts, and how Jesse lost his shoulder virginity


Episode 56: Super Bowl Parties/Halftime Shows

January 25, 2018

Jesse and Mark discuss Super Bowl parties, plan this year's parties, and find ways to make the halftime shows more entertaining


Episode 55: First Albums/ Slurpees

January 18, 2018

Jesse and Mark discuss the first album they ever got, the greatness of Slurpees, and how Ace of Base can come across pretty Nazi-ish


Episode 54: School Fashion

January 11, 2018

Jesse and Mark discuss school fashion, hair cuts, and how it is that Jesse came to wear boxer shorts


Episode 53: New Year’s Eve

January 4, 2018

Jesse and Mark discuss New Year's Eve, how they like to spend New Year's Eve, and the poetic joy of throwing up peach schnapps


Episode 52: We Did That!

December 28, 2017

To celebrate 1 year of "I Did That!" Jesse and Mark play clips suggested by listeners


Episode 51: The First Try

December 20, 2017

Getting ready for the holidays and the 1st anniversary of "I Did That!", Jesse and Mark share the episode that started it all, the story of how they came up with the show, and why their first guest was an ominous sign