Episode 66: Gambling

April 5, 2018

Jesse is joined by his buddy Chad (@ChadThornsberry) and Travis Carl (@TravisSCarl) pops in to discuss gambling, systems to win, and why it's important to know the rules to black jack

Episode 65: Action Movies

March 28, 2018

Jesse and Mark discuss action movies, what makes a movie an action movie, and why Mark is so very, VERY, wrong to blaspheme Die Hard

Episode 64: Snow Days

March 21, 2018

Jesse and Mark discuss snow days, things to do on snow days, and why Mark's neighbors hate him

Episode 63: Bathroom Talk

March 14, 2018

Jesse is joined by his cousins Sharon and Ryan to discuss bathrooms, rules regarding hand washing, and Jesse's first bidet

Episode 62: Staying Up Late

March 8, 2018

Jesse and Mark discuss staying up all night, sneaking out of the house, and how to apologize for being bitchy when exhausted

Episode 61: We Major?

March 1, 2018

To celebrate being added to Spotify (and because of a very busy week) we look back on some of our favorite moments from #IDT history

Episode 60: Jobs

February 22, 2018

Jesse and Mark discuss their first jobs, their worst jobs, and the things that happen when you panic at work

Episode 59: Summer Camp

February 15, 2018

Jesse and Mark talk summer camp, the movie Groundhog Day, and how to change places in a boat all sexy like

Episode 58: Valentine’s Day

February 8, 2018

Jesse and Mark discuss Valentine's Day, the best Valentine's candy, and the criminally underreported need for platonic valentines

Episode 57: Fruit Snacks/Hair Cuts

February 1, 2018

Jesse and Mark discuss the magic of fruit snacks, hair cuts, and how Jesse lost his shoulder virginity