Episode 53: New Year’s Eve

January 4, 2018

Jesse and Mark discuss New Year's Eve, how they like to spend New Year's Eve, and the poetic joy of throwing up peach schnapps


Episode 52: We Did That!

December 28, 2017

To celebrate 1 year of "I Did That!" Jesse and Mark play clips suggested by listeners


Episode 51: The First Try

December 20, 2017

Getting ready for the holidays and the 1st anniversary of "I Did That!", Jesse and Mark share the episode that started it all, the story of how they came up with the show, and why their first guest was an ominous sign


Episode 50: Holiday Shopping

December 13, 2017

Jesse and Mark discuss holiday shopping, who is hardest to buy for, and the most gangster shit Jesse has ever seen


Episode 49: Xmas Carols

December 6, 2017

Jesse and Mark discuss Christmas music, their favorites, and what it's like to record over Skype


Episode 48: Magic

November 30, 2017

Jesse and Mark are joined by Mike Sicoli (@TheMikeSicoli) to discuss Magic, black magic, and why Jesse is STILL impressed by magic


Episode 47: Imaginary Friends

November 23, 2017

Jesse and Mark are joined by Don Michalowski to talk imaginary friends, imaginary monsters, and just what the hell is a "Snake Boy"?


Episode 46: War Games

November 16, 2017

Jesse and Mark talk about military themed toys, GI Joe, and how a strong story line can make up for a lack of friends


Episode 45: The Beach

November 9, 2017

With Mark absent (yet again) Jesse is joined by Nick Hopping (@NHopping95) to discuss the beach, jellyfish, and the awfulness of sun screen


Episode 44: Halloween

November 1, 2017

Jesse is joined by his family to recap their Halloween experience, discuss costumes from years past, and question why more people don't give out the gobstopper